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FantasySharks.com Player Rankings
Rank PlayerStatusLast Week Rank ChangeAvg Draft Position ADP Rank Diff From ADP Rank
1.Kamara, Alvin NOS RB Milwaukee Raccoons - S1-- 2.732 
2.Barkley, Saquon NYG RB Seattle Wildcats2-- 2.01-1 
3.Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB Milwaukee Raccoons - S3-- 2.52-1 
4.McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB Alabama Gators4-- 3.54-- 
5.Gordon, Melvin LAC RB Miami Vikings - S5-- 10.283 
6.Adams, Davante GBP WR San Francisco Roosters6-- 7.05-1 
7.Conner, James PIT RB Toronto Beavers7-- 11.292 
8.Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR (Q) Texas Toros8-- 8.26-2 
9.Jones, Julio ATL WR (Q) Oklahoma Tigers - S9-- 12.5134 
10.Brown, Antonio OAK WR Seattle Wildcats10-- 16.0166
11.Beckham, Odell CLE WR New Orleans Outlaws11-- 12.2121 
12.Smith-Schuster, JuJu PIT WR Alabama Gators12-- 15.7153 
13.Ertz, Zach PHI TE San Francisco Roosters19620.0196
14.Thomas, Michael NOS WR Chicago Rush - S13-114.714-- 
15.Bell, Le'Veon NYJ RB Texas Toros14-18.57-8
16.Johnson, David ARI RB Oklahoma Tigers - S15-112.011-5
17.Hill, Tyreek KCC WR Texas Toros553860.25841
18.Cook, Dalvin MIN RB San Francisco Roosters16-220.2202
19.Williams, Damien KCC RB Los Angeles Sparkles17-224.2223
20.Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB New York Dragons18-211.710-10
21.Fournette, Leonard JAC RB Seattle Wildcats20-125.7254
22.Gurley, Todd LAR RB (Q) Salt Lake City Pioneers21-119.018-4
23.Kelce, Travis KCC TE (Q) Texas Toros23-- 18.017-6
24.Chubb, Nick CLE RB Boston Pilgrims22-223.521-3
25.Kittle, George SFO TE (Q) Chicago Rush - S26126.2261
26.Thielen, Adam MIN WR Texas Toros24-225.524-2
27.Jones, Aaron GBP RB New Orleans Outlaws25-234.2314
28.Diggs, Stefon MIN WR San Francisco Roosters27-127.228-- 
29.Mixon, Joe CIN RB Toronto Beavers28-124.223-6
30.Evans, Mike TBB WR (Q) Chicago Rush - S29-126.527-3
31.Mack, Marlon IND RB Miami Vikings - S30-135.7332
32.Johnson, Kerryon DET RB San Francisco Roosters31-133.230-2
33.Watson, Deshaun HOU QB Miami Vikings - S33-- 29.729-4 
34.Henry, Derrick TEN RB Wyoming Mustangs - S34-- 36.034-- 
35.Green, A.J. CIN WR (Q) San Francisco Roosters35-- 38.5361 
36.Edelman, Julian NEP WR Toronto Beavers36-- 43.7404 
37.Jacobs, Josh OAK RB (R) New York Dragons - TS38138.535-2
38.White, James NEP RB Seattle Wildcats39151.2468
39.Hilton, T.Y. IND WR (Q) Miami Vikings - S37-242.539-- 
40.Cooks, Brandin LAR WR Texas Toros40-- 44.0411 
41.Michel, Sony NEP RB (Q) New York Dragons41-- 45.0432 
42.Cooper, Amari DAL WR Milwaukee Raccoons - S42-- 40.037-5
43.Lindsay, Phillip DEN RB Miami Vikings - NS44155.5518
44.Allen, Keenan LAC WR Milwaukee Raccoons - S43-135.232-12
45.Freeman, Devonta ATL RB New York Dragons46152.2472
46.Woods, Robert LAR WR Seattle Wildcats45-150.045-1
47.Wilson, Russell SEA QB Alabama Gators48146.244-3
48.Montgomery, David CHI RB (R) San Francisco Roosters - TS49153.7491
49.Cohen, Tarik CHI RB Oklahoma Tigers - S50154.2501
50.Ingram, Mark BAL RB New Orleans Outlaws51156.0533
51.Guice, Derrius WAS RB (Q) Seattle Wildcats53265.06110
52.Carson, Chris SEA RB (Q) Salt Lake City Pioneers54267.76210
53.Howard, O.J. TBB TE Alabama Gators671457.2563
54.Drake, Kenyan MIA RB Boston Pilgrims56264.0606
55.Lockett, Tyler SEA WR Wyoming Mustangs - S52-357.254-1
56.Luck, Andrew IND QB (Q) Salt Lake City Pioneers57141.238-18
57.Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB Texas Toros58144.742-15
58.Ridley, Calvin ATL WR Seattle Wildcats59163.0591
59.Davis, Corey TEN WR San Francisco Roosters60172.77011
60.Watt, J.J. HOU DE New Orleans Outlaws9030193619331873
61.Howard, Jordan PHI RB Chicago Rush - S64388.58524
62.Godwin, Chris TBB WR Oklahoma Tigers - S62-- 67.7631 
63.Golladay, Kenny DET WR (Q) Wyoming Mustangs - S63-- 58.257-6
64.Ryan, Matt ATL QB New Orleans Outlaws69553.548-16
65.Williams, Mike LAC WR New Orleans Outlaws66170.5683
66.Miller, Lamar HOU RB New York Dragons70476.5759
67.Boyd, Tyler CIN WR Alabama Gators68168.765-2
68.Mayfield, Baker CLE QB New York Dragons - TS75755.552-16
69.McCoy, LeSean BUF RB Chicago Rush - S72397.29728
70.Kupp, Cooper LAR WR (Q) Alabama Gators71169.767-3
71.Anderson, Robby NYJ WR (Q) Kentucky Warriors73280.7776
72.Landry, Jarvis CLE WR Miami Vikings - S74275.7742
73.Houston, Justin IND DE Milwaukee Raccoons - NS1043110131010937
74.Henry, Hunter LAC TE Alabama Gators911775.073-1
75.Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR (Q) New York Dragons76181.2783
76.Ebron, Eric IND TE (Q) Chicago Rush - NS921677.576-- 
77.Robinson, Allen CHI WR New York Dragons77-- 81.5792 
78.Shepard, Sterling NYG WR Toronto Beavers78-- 86.2835
79.Campbell, Calais JAC DE Wyoming Mustangs - S12243519516437
80.Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR New York Dragons79-188.7866
81.Donald, Aaron LAR DE Toronto Beavers12342702699618
82.Newton, Cam CAR QB (Q) Milwaukee Raccoons - S84273.071-11
83.Moore, D.J. CAR WR Alabama Gators80-373.572-11
84.Tate, Golden NYG WR Boston Pilgrims81-392.5906
85.Wentz, Carson PHI QB Los Angeles Sparkles87268.264-21
86.Winston, Jameis TBB QB New Orleans Outlaws89371.569-17
87.Jones, Marvin DET WR (Q) Los Angeles Sparkles85-294.5936
88.Cook, Jared NOS TE Wyoming Mustangs - S97981.780-8
89.Engram, Evan NYG TE (Q) Miami Vikings - S98969.066-23
90.Olsen, Greg CAR TE Toronto Beavers999112.511020
91.Lee, Andy ARI PN Salt Lake City Pioneers32-59123512321141
92.Bethea, Antoine NYG S Texas Toros16371398395303
93.Hunter, Danielle MIN DE Milwaukee Raccoons - S1384510281025932
94.Jordan, Cameron NOS DE Salt Lake City Pioneers13945115211491055
95.Buckner, DeForest SFO DT New Orleans Outlaws14045482479384
96.McDonald, Vance PIT TE Oklahoma Tigers - S11014100.2993
97.Clark, Frank KCC DE Los Angeles Sparkles14346559556459
98.Clinton-Dix, Ha Ha CHI S Boston Pilgrims17274567564466
99.Hooper, Austin ATL TE (Q) Seattle Wildcats11213106.71023
100.Walker, Delanie TEN TE (Q) Boston Pilgrims11313122.711919